I am looking to see if I can make this into a music blog where lots of different opinions are put out there by people who love writing and discussing music. As a result, I would like anyone who thinks joining on the ground floor of trying to build a music blog that reviews new music, reflects on past music, and analyzes different facets of the music industry. Therefore, if you wish to submit something that seems along the lines of what I have written to this point (as that is the general direction I want to take this), I will accept any submissions and consider publishing them, under your name of course. I know this could happen under your own blogs (if you have one), but my interest is in starting a new publication out of this that can be different than many publications out there by focusing less on scenes, events, and sensations and more on looking at music as it stands on its own. Anything on all genres is welcome, even if it about something I have written before. In fact, having multiple articles with different perspectives on the same works will make it all the more interesting. If you are interested in this, express your interest below and I will get back to you with some details what to provide in submissions, preferably within a day or so. Thank you for time and consideration, and I look forward to wherever this may head as the journey begins!